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North Dakota State's Aaron Steidl (63) is swarmed by his teammates, Brian Schaetz, (61), Greg Menard (96) and Brad Ambrosius (97) after sacking University of North Dakota quarterback Keaton Studsrud Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015, on Gate City Bank Field at the Fargodome. David Samson / The Forum

North Dakota’s Collegiate Athletes Wouldn’t Be So Susceptible to Gamblers if They Weren’t (Basically) Free Labor

North Dakota’s Collegiate Athletes Wouldn’t Be So Susceptible to Gamblers if They Weren’t (Basically) Free Labor

Collegiate sports is a big business. A business which helps pay the very large salaries of coaches and university bureaucrats. Even here in North Dakota, people like coaches and athletic directors and university presidents make deep into the six-figure territory. It’s an industry. One heavily subsidized by taxpayers, and built on the back of what

House Majority Leader Al Carlson speaks in favor of HCR3033, a resolution he introduced which would have amended the state constitution to allow a half dozen state regulated casinos.

Video: Casino Bill Goes Down in Flames, but Lawmakers Warn of Possible Initiated Measure

In a different context I think I would have liked to see HCR3033, a constitutional amendment introduced by House Majority Leader Al Carlson (R-Fargo) to allow a half-dozen private casinos in the state, go to a vote of the people. I don’t have any more compunctions about gambling. It’s a perfectly acceptable form of entertainment,

North Dakota Should Just Legalize Gambling

Today a legislative committee is hearing testimony on HCR3033, a proposed constitutional amendment allowing for the creation of a limited number of casinos operated by the State of North Dakota. The resolution was introduced by House Majority Leader Al Carlson, though the idea originated with Senator Lonnie Laffen (R-Grand Forks), and it’s timing has widely

Three Affiliated Tribes chairman Mark Fox testifies before lawmakers in 2015. (MIKE McCLEARY, Bismarck Tribune)

Audio: Tribal Leader on Carlson’s Casino Bill: “I’ll Never Try to Explain Exactly What He’s Thinking in His Head”

Last week House Majority Leader Al Carlson dropped a bit of a bombshell on state politics. He announced a proposed constitutional amendment which would allow the state government to operate up to a half dozen casinos. The state already has five casinos operated by tribal governments in Indian country, in addition to a limited amount

Legislator: "Shame" That Tribes Won't Commit To Spending Oil Tax Money On Improving Reservation

The House had a hot debate over oil taxes this evening, but it wasn’t just about a reduction in the rate for the oil extraction tax (more on that here). The primary purpose of HB1234 was to establish the state’s oil revenue sharing with the tribes. It’s appropriate that tribal governments get a share of