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Can We Just Legalize Gambling Already?

Can We Just Legalize Gambling Already?

Here are a couple of stories illustrating the absurdity of anti-gambling laws. In Minnesota, the state has expanded its lottery to online games that might as well be slot machines. “A player sees a tic-tac-toe-like game board and uses a computer mouse to click on squares, hoping to get three 7s in a row,” reports

Legislator: "Shame" That Tribes Won't Commit To Spending Oil Tax Money On Improving Reservation

The House had a hot debate over oil taxes this evening, but it wasn’t just about a reduction in the rate for the oil extraction tax (more on that here). The primary purpose of HB1234 was to establish the state’s oil revenue sharing with the tribes. It’s appropriate that tribal governments get a share of

Shocker: Taxpayers May Have To Bail Out Vikings Stadium Building Plan

Subsidies for professional sports venues has to be one of the most ludicrous things in politics. Professional sports are hugely profitable enterprises, where the teams are owned by billionaires and staffed with millionaires, so the idea that there’s a need to subsidize the stadiums and arenas where these people conduct their business is absurd. Yet,