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Environmental Activist: “We Have a Moral Responsibility to Blow up Wells and Eliminate Fracking and Workers”

Environmental Activist: “We Have a Moral Responsibility to Blow up Wells and Eliminate Fracking and Workers”

“If the oil and gas industry puts fracking wells in our neighborhoods, threatening our lives and our children’s lives, then don’t we have a moral responsibility to blow up wells and eliminate fracking and workers?” environmental activist Andrew J. O’Connor wrote in the Boulder Daily Camera on April 19. It was a letter to the

John Andrist: Something New, Anything New

A Reuters news story circulating through daily newspapers last week announced that the Environmental Protection Agency now believes fracking for oil and natural gas can contaminate drinking water under “some circumstances”. It peaked my interest, because the EPA had previously reported that after exhaustive study fracking does not cause “widespread systemic” effects on drinking water

This Is Why North Dakota Will Go To Donald Trump In 2016

Before and after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump visited the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck North Dakota’s Democrats were making a lot of political hay. Senate candidate Eliot Glassheim has called Trump’s rhetoric “offensive, inexcusable and even dangerous.” “Donald Trump represents fear, ignorance, and hatred while demeaning women,” House candidate Chase Iron eyes has

North Dakota Democrats Should Explain Why They Support Anti-Oil, Anti-Fracking Candidates

My newspaper column on March 11 pointed out that Senator Heidi Heitkamp has a major political problem. She campaigns in North Dakota as a stout supporter of North Dakota’s biggest industries – oil, coal, and agriculture – but supports a national candidate who espouses policies which would be devastating for those industries. Hillary Clinton, who


It's Easy To Ban Fracking When You Don't Have Any Oil

Yesterday this strange piece railing against fracking in something called Yes! Magazine came across my radar. It’s a story, written by Yes! Editor-At-Large Sarah van Gelder, chronicling the process through which the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation banned fracking back in 2012. Apparently van Gelder visited North Dakota, specifically the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, and has all sorts

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Saudi Arabia May Go Bust Trying To Beat America's Frackers

Recently Michael Filloon, Lead Energy Analyst for Splitrock Private Trading and Shaletrader.com, wrote a column for SAB explaining why American oil production has remained resilient in the face of falling oil prices. He provided far more detail than anyone outside of the oil or investment industries is probably comfortable with, but if we can boil his

It's Silly To Blame Fracking For High School Dropouts

“Study links oil fracking to higher dropout rates,” reads headline from Grand Forks Herald education reporter Jennifer Johnson. “Fracking increased the high school dropout rates among teenage males more than females from 2000 to 2013, according to the study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research,” reports Johnson. “For every 0.1 percentage point increase in the

Should State Government Trump Local Government When It Comes To Energy Regulation?

The State of Texas has just passed an exercise in meta law. Lawmakers there have created a ban on fracking bans. “Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signed into law a prohibition on cities and towns imposing local ordinances preventing fracking and other potentially environmentally harmful oil and natural gas activities,” reports ABC News. “The