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That Scientific Confirmation Of Water Contamination From Fracking Isn't What It Seems

That Scientific Confirmation Of Water Contamination From Fracking Isn't What It Seems

For years now anti-fossil fuel activists have been claiming in public protests and films and every other medium you can imagine that fracking – or hydraulic fracturing, the process used in shale oil and gas development – leads to water contamination. Many now take this as an article of faith. I mean, we all saw

So Fracking Racist

Apparently, according to a “health justice organizer” who spoke at a rally against hydraulic fracturing in Colorado, domestic oil development is racist because it targets “communities of color.” This may come as a surprise to North Dakota, one of the nation’s leaders in shale oil development, where the population is about 90 percent white according to

Can You Imagine How Bad Things In America Would Be Without Fracking?

Oil industry innovations like hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have opened up entire universes of new energy reserves in the United States. Shale oil and shale gas, previously not reachable, are flowing to market. “The shale revolution has quickly and completely remade America’s energy landscape, leaving us in a much stronger position, both economically and

Fracking May Protect America From Side Effects Of Middle Eastern Turmoil

“As of today it is at least theoretically possible to scenarize a world oil shock at least equal to the so-called ‘Arab oil embargo’ of 1973-74 in terms of oil export supply cuts from several key regions and producer states – Russia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and possibly the GCC Arab Gulf exporters,” reports oil

Soros-Backed Documentaries Criticizing North Dakota Oil Boom Screened In Washington DC

A Washington DC-area friend and reader sent along the email invite below to a screening of “A Boom With No Boundaries” and “Backyard,” both documentaries critical of the North Dakota oil boom (the first one) and hydraulic fracturing in general (the second one). The group sponsoring the event is the Center for American Progress, a