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Fargo Mayor Sends Veiled Threat To Businesses On Special Assessment Vote

Fargo Mayor Sends Veiled Threat To Businesses On Special Assessment Vote

UPDATE: I interviewed Mayor Mahoney on WDAY AM970 this afternoon while sitting in for Jay Thomas. We talked about this issue. The audio is above. The City of Fargo is holding a vote on a special assessment to pay for a share of a flood diversion project, but the way the vote works is a

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Kudos To Dalrymple For Being The Adult In Fargo Flood Diversion Fight

“North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple should speak up forcefully against Minnesota’s opposition to the Fargo-Moorhead diversion,” reads a Forum News Service editorial from earlier this week. “His reason for not using his authority and credibility — that the matter is in litigation — makes no sense in light of an attempt by an agency of

Craig Hertsgaard: Fargo Using Oil Tax Revenues Like An ATM

Who needs a pipeline to move oil field benefits from the west? Fargo diversion backers have concocted a scheme to turn the state’s oil and agriculture bounty into a giant ATM machine. Fargo’s diversion cost estimate is about $2 billion. It’s a sure bet the federal government will contribute little or nothing to this project

Aaland Column: Diversion Alternative Puts Flood Protection Above Special Interests

Two weeks ago the Mndak Upstream Coalition detailed an alternative to Fargo’s diversion plan that would put Fargo first and deliver the same level of protection for the FM Metro without impacting upstream communities.  If the southern inlet to the FM Diversion is moved three miles north, all impacts to Richland and Wilkin Counties would

Controversial Flood Diversion Wouldn't Help Fargo With This Year's Flood Forecast

Folks in Fargo are worried about flooding this year, and for good reason. According to the Associated Press, the National Weather Service predicts the “most likely scenario” for the Red River peaking this spring “between 39 and 41 feet at Fargo and neighboring Moorhead, Minn., in late April or early May, with a maximum possibility

Guest Post: Fargo Attempting To Bribe Oxbow Into Conceding To Flood Diverson

The future of House Bill 1020 was the subject of the testimony heard before the North Dakota Senate Appropriations Subcommittee in Bismarck last Friday. Two weeks ago, on February 27, the North Dakota House voted 90 to 4 to prohibit Fargo and its Diversion Authority from using state appropriated tax funds on the 2 billion

Majority Leader Al Carlson Agrees To Amendments To Controversial Flood Diversion Bill

The issue of flood diversion for the City of Fargo is hugely controversial. The citizens of Fargo want to divert flood waters to other people’s property so that they’re not stuck with the risk of a hugely disruptive and expensive flood fight every year. Citizens outside Fargo don’t want the flood waters sent to their