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Can We Expect Political Extremists to Attack the Fargo-Moorhead Diversion Project Now?

Can We Expect Political Extremists to Attack the Fargo-Moorhead Diversion Project Now?

Back during the violent demonstrations against the Dakota Access Pipeline one casus belli of the political extremists perpetrating them was the idea that the pipeline would disturb sacred artifacts and burial grounds along the route. This was a problematic argument because the DAPL project, through that disputed area near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, followed an

Audio: Congressman Cramer Talks AHCA, Says He Doubts Trump’s Budget Will Hurt Fargo Diversion Project

Senator Heidi Heitkamp is in the media claiming President Donald Trump’s budget, which reduces funding for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, could put funding for the flood diversion project in Fargo in jeopardy. Today during our weekly open phones segment on WDAY AM970 (audio below) Congressman Kevin Cramer told me he doesn’t see it

Marcus Larson: Fargo Diversion Authority Doubling Down on a Bad Gamble

State and local taxpayers recently purchased $50,000,000.00 worth of upscale properties in Oxbow, ND, a small town 15 mile south of Fargo. The tax payer cost for these properties, more than 40 residences, averaged over one million dollars apiece (see buyout list below). Owners of the private golf course club house building, which had an

Craig Hertsgaard: Fargo Flood Diversion Authority May Have Hit A Brick Wall In Permitting Process

The St. Paul Army Corps and the Fargo Diversion Authority (DA) say they don’t need a North Dakota state permit to build a dam and reservoir south of Fargo for their project. They sent a letter to the ND State Water Commission saying, “a dam permit is not a legal prerequisite to federal construction,” but

Roscoe Streyle: Fargo Forum Should Stop Pitting East vs. West

The Fargo Forum describing the needs of Eastern North Dakota in a recent editorial is important, but to pit East versus West in terms of funding water projects needs correcting, because they forget to cite many facts that are important. I am proud to report that the North Dakota Legislature has supported water and flood

Why Is The Mayor Of Oxbow Getting Almost 200 Percent Of His Property Value For A Flood Diversion Buyout?

Recently Rich Mattern, the Mayor of West Fargo, vented some spleen at Governor Jack Dalrymple and the Legislature over their priorities on water projects. Mattern pointed out that while his constituents are facing higher water bills because the state wouldn’t make money available for a new water plant, the City of Oxbow is getting a