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EPA’s Payroll on Track to Be Cut in Half by the End of Trump’s Term in Office

EPA’s Payroll on Track to Be Cut in Half by the End of Trump’s Term in Office

While the national political press debates about President Donald Trump’s competency, and the possibility of Oprah as President, the Trump administration itself keeps chugging along. At the EPA, in particular, where Administrator Scott Pruitt has announced that the agency is already down to Reagan-era levels of employment and is on track to cut its payroll

North Dakota Petroleum Council VP to Serve on EPA Board of Science Counselors

Later today the EPA will be announcing that Kari Cutting, Vice President of the North Dakota Petroleum Council, will be appointed to the agency’s Board of Scientific Counselors. You can read the full list of BoSC appointees below.  You can see appointments to the Clean Air Science Advisory Committee and the Science Advisory Board here and here,

Audio: EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Touts Friendlier, More Cooperative Relationship With States

“If you go back to the inception of the agency…Congress has been very insistent in saying the states have a role,” EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt told me during an interview on my radio show today. “The past administration simply disregarded that,” he continued. Pruitt told me he wants the EPA to focus on “cooperative federalism”

Audio: Cramer Calls Heitkamp Vote for Methane Rule “a Poke in the Eye of North Dakota”, Calls Comey Firing “Appropriate”

I wrote earlier today about Senator Heidi Heitkamp making a surprise vote against repealing an Obama-era methane rule implemented through the Bureau of Land Management. The rule, if you haven’t been following long, is duplicative and of dubious provenance. The EPA already regulates methane emissions (as does the State of North Dakota, for that matter),

All of a Sudden North Dakota and the EPA Are Getting Along

In years past, when I’d talk with colleagues and others from out of state, I’d joke that North Dakota’s official pastime is suing the federal government. Because our state does it a lot, and regulations implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency have always been a frequent target. But of late, under the Trump administration, there

Trump’s EPA Head Scott Pruitt to Governor Doug Burgum: “The Days of Coercive Federalism Are Over”

Back during last year’s election I had lunch with then-gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum and we talked about then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. At the time a lot of people, including this observer, were surprised at Burgum’s fulsome endorsement of Trump’s candidacy. He was (and still is) a hugely controversial and divisive figure even among Republicans. Burgum explained

Kelly Armstrong: Senator Heitkamp Should Vote for Pruitt to Head the EPA

Over the past eight years, few states have witnessed both the extraordinary potential of the American energy economy and the devastating effects of an out of control Environmental Protection Agency as North Dakota. Sadly, the Obama administration and their extreme environmentalist allies have sought to use federal power to ramrod through a radical environmental agenda

Daryl Lies: North Dakota Farm Bureau Backs Scott Pruitt for EPA Chief

NDFB has vigorously opposed President Obama’s activist EPA, and for good reason. In the last eight years, EPA has repeatedly targeted North Dakota’s economic drivers: agriculture and energy. That’s why NDFB supports incoming Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt.  We believe he will work to curb the agency’s overreach and end the regulatory nightmare. Under

John Andrist: Something New, Anything New

A Reuters news story circulating through daily newspapers last week announced that the Environmental Protection Agency now believes fracking for oil and natural gas can contaminate drinking water under “some circumstances”. It peaked my interest, because the EPA had previously reported that after exhaustive study fracking does not cause “widespread systemic” effects on drinking water