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Democrats Want To Keep Science Used To Justify Government Regulation A Secret

One common trope in modern politics is to take a political position, hang a lab coat on it and brand it “science” and then accuse anyone opposing your position of being some sort of unenlightened, anti-science troglodyte. It’s a nifty political maneuver, and it would be a much more convincing posture were Democrats not simultaneously

Army Corps Of Engineers Official Says EPA Misused And Abused Data To Justify Waters Of The U.S. Rule

This is something of a bombshell in the on-going saga over the Waters of the U.S. rule (also known a the federal government’s attempt to extend regulatory control over all land that gets wet or even might get wet). According to documents obtained by Senator Jim Inhofe, the Army Corps of Engineers is disputing the

Wildfires And Not Coal And Oil Development Prompt EPA To Issue An Air Quality Warning

Most of North Dakota has been living with hazy, smokey air now for over a week. The cause is wildfires in Canada, and the situation has gotten to the point where the EPA has issued an air quality warning for the state. “The EPA’s ‘AirNow.gov’ website placed portions of Burke, Ward, Bottineau, and Mountrail Counties

Supreme Court EPA’s Decision Came After “The EPA Already Won”

The Supreme Court has told the EPA that they cannot implement regulations without considering the costs. The ruling was related to a lawsuit brought by several states (including North Dakota) over the regulation of mercury emissions. But here’s the thing: These regulations have already had an impact. Power companies have already implemented them, and we


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