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EPA Chief Who Oversaw Controversial Fracking Study Resigns

EPA Chief Who Oversaw Controversial Fracking Study Resigns

There are on-going investigations into the use of fake emails by EPA officials, up to and including former EPA head Lisa Jackson, and it appears as though that investigation may have resulted in the resignation of EPA Region Eight Director James Martin. Martin oversaw the controversial fracking investigation in Pavilion, Wyoming, has been cited by

Interview: Senator Hoeven Talks About The Empower States Act

North Dakota Senator John Hoeven has re-introduced the Empower States Act in this Congress, which would give states more control over regulating the energy industry. Senator Hoeven was kind enough to let me ask him a few questions about the ESA and what it could mean for North Dakota. I asked the Senator if the

America Has So Many Environmental Regulations They Can't Even Be Counted

Yesterday I wrote about modern Luddites who argue that America’s economy is suffer because too many laborers are being replaced by technology. Which doesn’t make any sense. Should we go back to farming with horses because that was more labor-intensive and employed more people on farms? Rather, I argued that America isn’t being held back