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Down With Initiated Measures, Because All American Policymaking Should Be Subject to Checks and Balances

Down With Initiated Measures, Because All American Policymaking Should Be Subject to Checks and Balances

A week ago, in my Sunday newspaper column (here’s the Dickinson Press version), I questioned the wisdom of legislating at the ballot box through the initiated measure process. Today a letter writer to the Fargo Forum takes me to task for my argument. “I was disappointed to read Rob Port’s Marsy’s Law column,” Dennis Ell writes.

Let’s Be Cautious About Purging “Fake News” From the Internet

In the days since Donald Trump stunned the world by winning a national election few thought he could we’ve seen his detractors grasp for explanations for that turn of events. Anything allowing them to ignore what seems obvious, which is that millions and millions of Americans got fed up with the American left’s obsession with identity politics,

It Really Was Your Fault, Kylie Oversen

State Senator George Sinner has announced, despite his previous indications, that he won’t be seeking a recount in his District 46 re-election race against Republican challenger Jim Roers. Now that absentee ballots have been counted Roers gained one vote on Sinner, bringing his lead up to a razor-thin 37 votes, and as long as that

Clay Routledge: Compassion for Those Who Need Help, but Skepticism for Culture of Victimhood

I was recently interviewed by a reporter at the Forum on a story about colleges offering counseling services for students after the presidential election. I voiced my support for services to anyone who has been targeted and victimized. As a social psychologist who has researched and teaches about prejudice and discrimination, I am very concerned

This Is Why Republicans Have Dominated Government in North Dakota for More Than Two Decades

One popular bit of mythology often espoused by Democrats here in North Dakota is that the “Republican super majority” in state government marches in lock step to advance some sort of extreme right-wing agenda. They’re fond of suggesting that the state government marches in tune to edicts from House Majority Leader Al Carlson and “big

Forum Communications Reporter to Join Governor-Elect Doug Burgum’s Administration

Big news today from Governor-elect Doug Burgum. Forum News Service reporter Mike Nowatzki will be joining his team as communications director according to a press release which just went out. Full disclosure, I also work for the Forum News Service and Nowatzki is a colleague of mine. [mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]“Doug Burgum is

Kevin Cramer: Oil Giant Harold Hamm on “a Very Short List” to Head Trump’s Department of Energy

Whatever you may think of Donald Trump, there is no question that his election has delighted players in North Dakota’s biggest industries, energy and agriculture. On energy, specifically,Trump’s election has probably cleared the Obama-created red tape holding up the Dakota Access Pipeline, and could mean a resurrection of the Keystone XL project as well. And

Campuses Weaponize Victimhood After Trump Election

On Friday I had NDSU psychology professor Clay Routledge on my radio program (full audio below) to talk about all these universities offering counseling and therapy services to students after Donald Trump won the election. It happened at NDSU, though perhaps less egregiously than at some of the country’s other campuses, but I think it

Scott Hoaby: In Defense of the Electoral College

Not long ago a contributor to the Forum argued that the Electoral College should be abolished, adding that whoever wins the popular vote should win the presidential election. Now that the election is over, academics and news pundits are again taking up this argument. I would like to challenge this notion that the electoral college