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Kevin Cramer on Serving in Trump Administration: “I Think It’s Unlikely to Happen”

Kevin Cramer on Serving in Trump Administration: “I Think It’s Unlikely to Happen”

North Dakota’s at-large Congressman Kevin Cramer raised a lot of eyebrows, and got a lot of attention, back when he became one of the first members of Congress to endorse then-candidate Donald Trump. Now that Trump has, as unlikely as it may have once seemed, won election to the White House speculation has understandably turned

You’re Not Helping Yourselves, Liberals

Every police car torched, every blocked freeway, every Change.org petition to secede from the union is a vindication of President-elect Donald J. Trump. You’re proving his point, liberals. He campaigned against political institutions that have begun to take themselves far too seriously. He campaigned against suffocating political correctness. When you respond to his lawful election

North Dakota State Offers Counseling to Students Aggrieved Over Trump Election Victory

Institutions of higher education around the country are offering therapy and counseling to students distraught over the outcome of the 2016 election. “Students at Cornell University gathered to hold a ‘cry-in’ with students drinking hot chocolate and using tissues handed out by school staff,” the Washington Free Beacon reports. “The University of Kansas announced that it

National Political Trends Do Not Entirely Explain Why North Dakota Democrats Lost

On election night North Dakota’s Democrats got slaughtered. They didn’t have a statewide candidate – up to and including Hillary Clinton – crack 30 percent on the statewide ballot. To put that in context President Barack Obama – not exactly a favorite in the Peace Garden State – got 38 percent of the vote in

North Dakota’s Outgoing Insurance Commissioner Says He Would “Absolutely” Accept Trump Appointment

Insurance Commissioner Adam Hamm will be out of office soon. He opted not to run for another term, and yesterday voters elected fellow Republican Jon Godfread to replace him. But now Hamm says he’s “honored” to be mentioned as a possible member of the Trump administration: Hamm’s name was mentioned by LifeProNews, an insurance industry

Shares for Dakota Access Pipeline Company up 15 Percent After Donald Trump Win

Say what you want about Donald Trump, but he is definitely not going to be as hostile to the development of fossil fuel resources as Barack Obama has been, or Hillary Clinton would have been. As evidence in support of that point, the shares for the company trying to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline here in

Why Did Trump Win? Because Democrats Think Everyone Who Disagrees With Them Is an Evil Bigot

My post-election newspaper column today is my attempt to explain why Trump got traction with voters, both here in North Dakota and nationally: Complex social and political trends rarely have any one simple explanation, but if I had to offer one in this situation I’d say it’s because Democrats have come to believe that everyone

What Does 2016 Mean for 2018 in North Dakota?

It was a bad night for North Dakota’s Democrats last night, as I’ve written about elsewhere, but what does it all mean for the 2018 elections? Barring some unforeseen scandal or political calamity it’s hard to imagine Democrats doing any worse in the Legislature. They’ll spend the next two years holding just 13 seats in

So Much for Vote Suppression: North Dakota Sets New Voting Record for Third Consecutive Election Cycle

Based on preliminary numbers from the North Dakota Secretary of State’s office, North Dakota has set a record for votes cast in a general election for the third consecutive election cycle. Last night there were 349,891 ballots cast for 570,995 eligible voters for a turnout percentage of 61.11 percent. That percentage is about on par

Democrats Suffer Absolute Bloodbath in North Dakota’s Legislative Races

It was an ugly night for North Dakota Democrats, but that wasn’t entirely unexpected in the statewide races. No credible observer thought any of the Democrats running on the statewide ticket had much of a chance, and indeed they got slaughtered. Not a single statewide Democrat candidate has over 30 percent of the vote as