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War Of Words Erupts In NDGOP Over Curly Haugland's Comments On Delegates

War Of Words Erupts In NDGOP Over Curly Haugland's Comments On Delegates

Curly Haugland, one of the North Dakota Republican Party’s elected representatives to the Republican National Committee, has caused quite a stir with comments about the presidential nomination process. According to Haugland, who sits on the RNC Rules Committee, all of these state votes getting intense attention from the media are meaningless. He says not a

North Dakota Officials On Television: "The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination."

Earlier this week I wrote about an argument North Dakota’s Republican National Committeeman Curly Haugland has been making for some time now. Namely, that the delegates allotted by these state primary votes which have been getting so much attention are not bound to any candidate. They’re “beauty contests,” says Haugland, and mean nothing. At the

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North Dakota Republican Leader: No Delegate Is Bound To A Presidential Candidate

A couple of days ago┬áNew York Times columnist Ross Douthat argued for Republicans to use the byzantine nature of the rules governing the candidate selection process to deny Trump the nomination. “The rules that assign convention delegates are byzantine, the delegate selection process is various, and a few states rely on conventions and cut the

Curly Haugland: Will Republicans Have a Primary Or A Convention, And Who Gets To Decide?

This is the first chapter of a publication I am writing for the benefit of the delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention. The final document is intended to assure that all delegates are aware of the duties and responsibilities they assume as they fulfill their important role in the governance of the Republican Party.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus To Address NDGOP Convention

North Dakota Democrats had Minnesota Congressman Colin Peterson address their state convention this weekend. Today I can confirm that Republican National Committee Chairman Reience Priebus will be addressing the NDGOP convention this coming weekend. North Dakota Republican National Committeeman Curly Haugland told me via phone this morning that Priebus has been confirmed as the convention’s

Could Rule 40 For GOP Into Brokered Convention In 2016?

A brokered political convention, one where there is no clear nominee heading into a political party’s national convention, is something political wonks like to talk about but which hasn’t been a reality for decades (Adlai Stevenson’s nomination by Democrats in 1952 was the last truly brokered convention). But North Dakota Republican National Committeeman Curly Haugland