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Forum News Service photo by Mikkel Pates

It's Not Family Farms Versus Corporate Farming Because North Dakota Already Allows Corporate Farming

In a couple of weeks North Dakotans will go to the ballot box and, among other things, vote on a referendum of a law passed by the Legislature loosening North Dakota’s corporate farming ban. Currently state law prohibits farmers and ranchers from organizing a corporation for their business except among family members. The law passed

Photo taken May 5, 2016, at Streeter, N.D. (Forum News Service/Agweek/Mikkel Pates)

North Dakota's Corporate Farming Ban Hasn't Protected Family Farms

“It didn’t work, folks.” That’s what former Grand Forks Herald publisher Mike Jacobs writes in his column today of North Dakota’s corporate farming ban. Last year the Legislature passed a small reform to the ban to allow the ownership or leasing of up to 640 acres of land for the operation of a dairy farm or swine

A crowd of more than 100 supporters of family farms gathered at the steps of the state Capitol in Bismarck, North Dakota 3-27-2015 for a rally supporting North Dakota small farms and protesting the recent loosening of the state's anti-corporate farming law by the legislature. The rally was organized by the North Dakota Farmers Union. Mike McCleary / Bismarck Tribune

Legislature, Defend Yourself

During the 2013 legislative session state lawmakers passed a constitutional amendment reforming the manner in which the North Dakota University System is governed. The amendment was placed on the November ballot in 2014 because state law requires that all constitutional amendments be ratified by a popular vote. It failed with an almost 75 percent “no”

People stop at West Acres in south Fargo, N.D. to vote on Tuesday, November 04, 2014. Carrie Snyder / The Forum

North Dakotans Are Already Voting In The June Primary

If you thought we still had more than a month – 42 days, specifically – until voting in the June 14 primary starts, think again. Per a press release from Secretary of State Al Jaeger’s office sent out this afternoon, dozens of North Dakotans have already voted. Later this week voting will be open to

On Television: North Dakota Farmers Union And Populist Hypocrisy

I was on Valley News Live’s 6:30 Point of View program for my weekly, and always lively, discussion with Chris Berg and we hit on two topics I wrote about this week. First was the “news” this week – “Breaking News” as Forum Communications tagged it – that Rep. Randy Boehning would not be resigning.

North Dakota Farmer's Union Spent $41,000 On "Volunteer" Referendum Effort

The North Dakota Farmer’s Union turned in signatures today to send a partial rollback of North Dakota’s corporate farming ban to the voters. They needed just under 14,000 signatures to refer the bill, which was passed by lawmakers earlier this year, and they turned in over 22,000. NDFU and its partner organizations in this endeavor

Farmers Union Activists Should Be Careful What They Wish For On Corporate Farming Ban

Today the North Dakota Farmers Union is busing activists to the state capitol today for a rally protesting recent changes made by the Legislature to the state’s corporate farming law. To put it succinctly, lawmakers are looking to bolster the declining number of swine and dairy farms in the state by exempting those operations from

Farmer's Union Busing In Activists To Protest Corporate Farming Rollback

In what is a bit of a sea change in agriculture policy here in North Dakota the Legislature rolled back a part of the state’s 83-year-old corporate farming ban. Under the new law, which Governor Jack Dalrymple signed today, swine and dairy farmers can now enjoy incorporation among non-family members (the ban previously prohibited corporations