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What Is North Dakota’s Corporate Farming Ban Protecting Us From Again?

What Is North Dakota’s Corporate Farming Ban Protecting Us From Again?

This year Governor Doug Burgum signed into law a bill passed by lawmakers which waters down North Dakota’s corporate farming ban a bit. It’s now legal for you to form a corporation for farming or ranching with your second cousin. In fighting against that change, the traditional defenders of the corporate farming ban mouthed their

Plain Talk: ND Grocers Out to Gut Food Freedom Bill, and Why Can’t Second Cousins Farm Together?

On this episode of Plain Talk, Ag Week publisher Katie Pinke talks about North Dakota’s corporate farming ban. A bill before the Legislature would widen the ban to let second cousins farm or ranch together, but should it really take an act of the Legislature for you to farm with your second cousin? Also, there

North Dakota’s Corporate Farming Ban Is So Dumb We Have to Pass a Law So You Can Farm With Your Second Cousin

Let’s say your great-grandfather immigrated to North Dakota and started a farm. It was a successful operation and, upon his death, he left it to your grandfather and his brother. The brothers kept the operation successful and left it to their sons, your father and his cousin. They, too, find success and they want to

One of North Dakota’s Biggest Proponents of the Corporate Farming Ban May Have Inadvertently Triggered Its Demise

Back in 2016, as political extremists demonstrated violently against the Dakota Access Pipeline the owner of the historic Cannonball Ranch – through which the pipeline was constructed – found himself fed up with the situation and sold the land to the company building the pipeline. He continues to ranch there, but the pipeline company now

Attorney General: North Dakota’s Ban on Corporate Farming Won’t Apply to Medical Marijuana Growers

As the State of North Dakota works toward implementing the legalization of medical marijuana voters approved on the 2016 ballot, one issue relating to our state’s ban on corporate farming cropped up. Is growing medical marijuana farming for the purposes of the corporate farming ban? That’s the question Mylynn Tufte, the State Health Officer, asked

Thank the Government for Protecting You From Low Milk Prices

A reader recently sent me a picture of this sign posted on the glass door of a refrigerated display at a convenience store in Bismarck. It warns customers that a coupon for milk won’t be honored because it lowered the price below what state regulations allow. That’s right. The state government is literally protecting you

John Andrist: Is Corporate Farming Really A Bogeyman?

There will be only one statewide measure on the June Primary Election ballot. It’s a measure passed by the legislature, to amend the state’s long-time prohibition on farming under a corporate ownership structure. It would allow corporations and LLCs to own up to 640 acres for a swine feeding or dairy operation. I doubt if

What Willie Nelson Gets Wrong On Measure 1: The Corporate Farming Ban Isn't Protecting Anything

“Each year in nearly every part of the country, swaths of farmland are turned over as yet another family farm is pushed out by tightening profit margins, rigged markets and the ever-constricting power of a few corporations,” reads the opening sentence of an op/ed written by musician Willie Nelson and former Democratic Agriculture Commissioner Sarah

Why North Dakota's Corporate Farming Ban Is Like A Gay Marriage Ban

Last week the North Dakota Farm Bureau announced that they would be filing a legal challenge to our state’s ban on non-familial corporate farming (currently corporations and LLC’s can organize to farm or ranch, but only if all involved are no more distantly related than first cousins). The announcement comes shortly before a June 14