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Husband Of Democrat State Senator Put On Administrative Leave At UND

Husband Of Democrat State Senator Put On Administrative Leave At UND

The University of North Dakota has placed Gerald Groenwold, the Director of the Energy and Environmental Research Center, on administrative leave. Groenwold is the husband of Democrat State Senator Connie Triplett. Accordign to Grand Forks Herald reporter John Hageman, Senator Triplett is saying she and her husband don’t know the reason behind the suspension. UND puts

Ralph Kingsbury Column: Democrat Criticism Of Contractor Was Unfair

There is a professional firm headquartered in North Dakota. They call themselves KLJ. They do engineering work, but also write economic analysis on proposed projects. A legislative interim committee hired them to do an analysis to try and separate the wheat from the chaff on the demands that even more of the state’s current share

North Dakota District Conventions: Districts 17, 18, 19, 42, and 43 Grand Forks city, Grand Forks County, and Walsh County Area Guide

This post is part of a continuing series highlighting the potential state legislative candidates from each district for their party’s nomination. For more information on this series, refer to the “SAB’s Guide To North Dakota District Conventions: A Government Of People Who Show Up” post. The Districts: 17, 18, 19, 42, and 43 Click on a District number above

Grand Forks Democrat Claims She Stiffed Client Because She Was Depressed

The North Dakota Supreme Court has reprimanded state Senator Connie Triplett (D-Grand Forks) for a second time for misconduct as an attorney in a state. This time Senator Triplett apparently didn’t return a $500 retainer paid to her by a client, claiming that she was suffering from depression: The Supreme Court says Connie Triplett must

North Dakota Senate: Yes To Guns In Church, No To Guns In Schools

It was a mixed bag for proponents of gun rights in the North Dakota Senate today. Six bills dealing with gun issues were considered by the Senators today, with three passing and three failing. You can watch the floor debate for all these bills here. Here’s what passed: HB1260 – Introduced by Rep. Karen Karls,

Democrat State Senator Complains About Republicans Missing From The Chamber

Last week state Senator Connie Triplett (D-Grand Forks) threw a temper tantrum during votes on controversial pro-life bills, storming out of the Senate chamber without being excused and refusing to return for a vote (which earned her our Hall of Shame award). That sparked an imbroglio on the Senate floor which ultimately had the Republican

Dorso Column: Reflecting On Important Issues In The Legislature

As usual the second half of the legislative session is when the more controversial legislation begins to get a lot of attention. This is as it should be and when the citizens should be paying attention. As was noted in SAB, bills and resolutions passed now are only the governor’s signature away from being enacted.

SAB Legislative Hall Of Shame Week 10: Senator Connie Triplett

We skipped last week in the Hall of Shame awards because it was a short week coming off of the crossover break and the legislature really didn’t get up to much. But this week there was plenty of activity, and one legislator who definitely earned this “honor.” The abortion issue is always a contentious one,

Video: After Democrat Storms Off Floor, ND Senate Passes Two Pro-Life Bills

Today the North Dakota Senate passed HB1305 and HB1456, both introduced by Rep. Bette Grande. HB1456, which bans abortions in instances where a heartbeat is detected, passed with no debate on a 26-17 vote. But the real fireworks were on HB1305. Democrats moved to divide the bill into two portions. Division A was the portion