Democrat State Senator Complains About Republicans Missing From The Chamber


Last week state Senator Connie Triplett (D-Grand Forks) threw a temper tantrum during votes on controversial pro-life bills, storming out of the Senate chamber without being excused and refusing to return for a vote (which earned her our Hall of Shame award). That sparked an imbroglio on the Senate floor which ultimately had the Republican majority leader excusing Triplett’s absence and the Democrat minority leader sheepishly apologizing.

Today, for some reason, Senator Triplet stood up and tried to make an issue out of two Republican members of the Senate who were missing from some votes. It turns out they had been excused and were absent to attend a meeting of the State Board of Higher Education.

Here’s video of Triplett complaining, and being answered by Majority Leader Wardner both immediately and at the end of the session.