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Democrats Want To Hurt North Dakota: "Good For Us" They Say Of Stopping Tax Reforms

Democrats Want To Hurt North Dakota: "Good For Us" They Say Of Stopping Tax Reforms

North Dakota Democrats have been marginalized in state government for decades now. They haven’t elected a Governor since 1988. They haven’t controlled the state House since 1983. They haven’t controlled the state Senate since 1994. Heck, a Democrat hasn’t won a state office on the statewide ballot since 2008. What’s it going to take for

Bad Sign For Liberals: ND Democrats Must Really Be Worried About The Student Vote

North Dakota Democrats seem to be intensely focused on the college student vote at a time when they need to be focused on expanding their appeal beyond constituencies they already own. Some examples: Democrat Agriculture Commission candidate Ryan Taylor – instead of talking about ag or energy issues – has focused his campaign on student

North Dakota Democrats Declare War On Republican Ad Firm

In the eyes of this political observer, it’s been a pretty quiet election year in North Dakota so far. The House race between incumbent Republican Kevin Cramer and Democrat challenger George Sinner has been a snoozer so far. Despite indications that it would be a competitive race at the onset the match between Republican incumbent

Democrats Cut And Run From Western North Dakota

One of the ironies of the 2014 election cycle is that North Dakota Democrats want to make what they believe is Republican mishandling of the oil boom a cornerstone of their campaign. What is ironic about that is they have very little support in western North Dakota. Meaning their grandstanding on oil impact issues tends to

Legislative Race Update: Democrats Add Three More Candidates, Now Have Just Over Half Of Races Filled

This morning I got a bit of snark in my Twitter feed from North Dakota Democrat Chairman Bob Valeu who wanted me to check out the latest Fargo Forum editorial. @robport. Just in case you woke this morning with political blinders.http://t.co/koMVsW1qeQ — bob valeu (@bobvaleu) April 4, 2014   The editorial holds that concerns about

George Sinner: I Want To Unite With Those Radical Woman-Hating Extremists On The Right

“My goal is to try and pull people together,” newly-announced Democrat House candidate George Sinner said of his campaign yesterday while announcing in Bismarck. If he truly believes that, he may want to have a talk with the leaders of his state party. During the legislative session last year – the one Sinner served in

Bob Valeu Column: North Dakota Voters At Risk Of Losing Their Right To Vote

Recent local special elections demonstrate that the new voter ID law is fundamentally flawed and is disenfranchising specific groups of voters. The Republican Supermajority in the 2013 State Legislative Session passed a new voter ID law that is one of the most egregious laws in the nation by eliminating the fail-safe option of voting by