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Former North Dakota Democratic Party Chairman Says Senator Heitkamp’s Rejection of #TheResistance Is “Final Straw”

Former North Dakota Democratic Party Chairman Says Senator Heitkamp’s Rejection of #TheResistance Is “Final Straw”

I’ve been writing for some time now about a hard-left faction of the North Dakota Democratic Party being unhappy with Senator Heidi Heitkamp. The only Democrat, I should point out, who has won an election on North Dakota’s statewide ballot since 2008. SAB readers will remember that during the Democratic National Committee convention in 2016

The Left Condones Violence Because They Think They’re Fighting Evil

Violence and intimidation have become hallmarks of left wing politics in America. Trump’s election was met with days of violent rioting. His inauguration saw more violence in the streets of Washington DC and elsewhere. Left wing #NoDAPL groups pursued the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s case against the Dakota Access Pipeline with acts of violence. The

The North Dakota Democratic Party Is Too Far Left Even for Heidi Heitkamp

The 2016 election cycle is one in which North Dakota Democrats could have picked up some ground against the Republican super-majority which dominates elected office in this state. There’s just no question that Republicans bungled the budget, and Democrats could have turned that into some election day wins. The problem is, they can’t seem to

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The Dakotas Are An Unfriendly Place For Democrats

This Roll Call piece from yesterday about South Dakota Republican Senator John Thune’s re-election bid will sound awfully familiar to Republicans in North Dakota. Thune, you might remember, made national headlines when he unseated Democrat Tom Daschle, then the Senate Minority Leader, in 2004. In 2010 he went on to re-election without facing an opponent. And,

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Possible Democrat Governor Candidate Waiting To See If North Dakota's Economy Tanks

This report from Valley News Live regarding former Agriculture Commissioner Sarah Vogel continuing her consideration of a run for governor is very interesting, given the historical context. “I’m sure that every once in a while there should be a shift, a change. It’s kind of been one party for a while and that may not be the healthiest

Kylie Oversen Is New Chair For North Dakota Democrats

Today in a meeting in Jamestown, North Dakota Democrats picked a new leader for their party following the announced resignation of former Chairman Bob Valeu. They picked 25-year-old, first-term state Rep. Kylie Oversen. I’m told there was no other candidate. Warren Larson, a staffer for former U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan, was chosen as Vice Chairman.

Poll: Voter ID Laws Had Minimal Impact On University Student Voting

After the 2014 election Democrats pounced on some reports of voting difficulties, specifically among North Dakota university systems. The state’s universities are one of the few solid voting blocs Democrats have in North Dakota, and they claimed that changes made to voter identification requirements were aimed at making it more difficult for students to vote.

Democrat Party Chairman Needs A Lesson In Civics

Earlier this legislative session lawmakers hurried through a bill to mandate a civics test for North Dakota high school students. To pass, under the bill, these students would have to pass the same test immigrants do. Maybe we need a civics test for political party leadership too. [mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#000000″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]No wonder these