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Bismarck Swatting Incident Draws Armed Police Response

Bismarck Swatting Incident Draws Armed Police Response

Some residents of Bismarck today got a scare today when police initiated a reverse 911 call telling them to stay in their homes because of an incident in the area. Citizens quickly began posting pictures of police officers with weapons drawn surrounding a home. But it turned it was a hoax. KXNews reports: About 1:15,

LegitSlater: Go Vote

Tomorrow is an important day in North Dakota, although many may not know; or if they do, care. Tomorrow is the primary election day in the state, and while granted the partisan party races are pretty much decided by default, many other important decisions are being made on both a statewide and local basis. The

North Dakota Oil Conference Draws Thousands From 48 States

The North Dakota Petroleum Council is hosting the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck this week. It’s a pretty big deal for both North Dakota and the national energy industry (Sean Hannity will be addressing the conference tomorrow). NDPC spokeswoman Tess Sandstrom was kind enough to forward me some of the attendance figures for the

Shocker: Petition To Refer North Dakota's Pro-Life Laws Will Likely Fall Short

North Dakota has a fairly low threshold for referring a law, roughly 13,500 signatures statewide, and with most citizens willing to sign pretty much any petition put in front of them getting the requisite signatures usually isn’t too hard. But petitions to refer North Dakota’s pro-life laws are thousands of signatures short of the number

Union: North Dakota Is The Most Dangerous Place In The Nation To Work

According to a press release sent out by the AFL-CIO, North Dakota is the most dangerous place in the nation to work. That’s based on worker fatality rate of 12.4 per 1,000 workers. That’s not a good number, but it’s not surprising either. Like the other states on the bottom of the list – Wyoming,

USGS Estimate Of Recoverable Oil In North Dakota Increases 102%

This breaking now from Senator John Hoeven’s office. After requesting another survey by the United States Geological Service, that agency has nearly doubled their estimate of technically recoverable oil in North Dakota. The USGS has gone from an estimate of 3.65 billion recoverable barrels to 7.4 billion. That’s a 102% increase. Sadly, this great news

North Dakota's Tobacco Prohibitionists May Not Have A Budget This Year

It’s absolutely ridiculous that the State of North Dakota has an agency devoted to anti-tobacco activism. Political activism belongs in the private sector, not enshrined in the government. So it’s with no small amount of satisfaction that I observe the House killing the agency’s budget. It was killed yesterday, and when brought back for reconsideration

Despite Flaring, Coal Mines Dakotas Have Some Of The Cleanest Air In The Nation

Some inconvenient truth for the environmentalists who would have us believe that North Dakota’s energy industry – including coal mines and thousands of oil wells flaring off natural gas daily – is having a negative impact on the state’s environment. Turns out it’s not, really, at least as measured by air quality anyway. The American

Why In The World Is The State Of North Dakota Raising Taxes?

The State of North Dakota’s financial situation is the envy of the nation. According to the most recent revenue report from the Office of Management and Budget, total state revenues biennium to date are running 64.7% above last biennium. To put that in numbers, the state has collected $1.6 billion more in taxes so far

The Size Of North Dakota's Workforce Has Increased 31% Since 2000

At the national level we’re not making a lot of headway on the economy, but the national unemployment rate keeps edging down because the national workforce is shrinking. And it’s shrinking because so many people are leaving it, giving up looking for work altogether. The exact opposite is true here in North Dakota. Not only