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Bismarck City Administrator Asked That Police Officers Who Signed Recall Petition for Mayor Be Questioned

Bismarck City Administrator Asked That Police Officers Who Signed Recall Petition for Mayor Be Questioned

I think it’s safe to say that the City of Bismarck’s handling of a recall petition aimed at Mayor Mike Seminary has been something less than ideal. For one thing, the city had the Bureau of Criminal Investigation verify signatures of the recall petitions, which some have (rightly, I think) seen as somewhat intimidating. For

Were All the Signatures in the Bismarck Mayoral Recall Invalidated Properly?

Yesterday we got news that, because of over 600 invalidated signatures, the activists trying to recall Bismarck Mayor Mike Seminary had failed to put the issue on the ballot. They needed 1,898 signatures to start a recall election. They submitted 2,405 signatures, but 668 signatures were invalidated for various reasons according to the Bismarck Tribune, leaving just

We May Need to Rethink How Recall Elections Work in North Dakota

Recall elections have been in state headlines a lot recently. An effort to recall Fargo City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn has belly flopped, which I’m glad of. Despite the recall committee declaring publicly that they had, or would have, enough signatures to put Piepkorn on the ballot it turns out they couldn’t muster the requisite number.

If You Signed the Petition to Recall Bismarck Mayor Mike Seminary You May Get a Visit From a Cop

Last night a volunteer in the effort to recall Bismarck Mayor Mike Seminary called me to say the state Bureau of Criminal Investigation was contacting people who signed their petition. The signatures to recall Seminary have been collected and turned in and are currently in the process of being verified. Apparently, that verification is being

Slow Blogging Today

I won’t be keeping up my usual pace of blogging today as I’m on the road. The folks at the Lignite Energy Council were kind enough to invite me down to their annual meeting in Bismarck today to talk about media and communications. It’s a fun opportunity. While I use the blog and social media

Anti-Trump Protest Fizzles In Bismarck With Just A Couple Of Dozen People Showing Up

Earlier this month I spoke with Austin Alexius Klein, the organizer of a protest aimed at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s visit to Bismarck. “I think that Bismarck being such a conservative and notoriously racist place, I feel like it’s very possible that there could be some backlash against us,” Klein told me at the

Protest To Target Donald Trump In "Notoriously Racist" Bismarck

Yesterday I somehow got invited to join a Facebook group called “Peaceful Donald Trump Protest #StaNDuptoTrump.” The intent is to organize a protest against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump who will be addressing the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck later this month. As of this writing the event page, which is closed to the public, indicates

Subsidized Airline Service In Bismarck Flops As Frontier Pulls Out

In February of 2012 the City of Bismarck agreed to $200,000 of “minimum revenue guarantee” for Frontier Airlines in order to lure them into serving the city. Now Frontier is pulling out of Bismarck, though there’s nary a mention of the subsidies the airline received in the reports I’ve read: BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — Frontier

What Is North Dakota's Most Liberal City?

North Dakota is a pretty Republican state. We’ve had a Republican governor since 1992, and a Republican supermajority in the state Legislature since 1994 (yes, twenty years now). But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some pockets of liberalism. Clarity Campaign Labs, a left-wing group that works with Democrat campaign data, has what they call TargetSmart