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Bismarck Tribune Editorial About Gun Law Is Factually Inaccurate

Bismarck Tribune Editorial About Gun Law Is Factually Inaccurate

UPDATE: As it happens, Governor Dalrymple signed this bill into law today. Last week lawmakers sent HB1241 to Governor Jack Dalrymple. The bill is something of a cleanup of current code governing guns and concealed carry permits, clarifying some issues around short barrel guns and tasers and also clarifying some of the places where concealed carry

The Outdoor Heritage Fund Doesn't Need Fixing, It Needs Repeal

This election year North Dakota had a titanic debate over a constitutional amendment – Measure 5, specifically – which would have diverted hundreds of millions of tax dollars into a slush fund for conservation interests. Deep-pocketed advocacy groups like Ducks Unlimited spent millions promoting their measure, but were soundly defeated after a ham-handed campaign netted

Bismarck Tribune Backs Measure 3 To Change Leadership Of The University System

I am not hopeful that Measure 3 will get the approval of a majority of voters next week. After putting the constitutional amendment on the ballot the lawmakers who voted for it did very little to make an affirmative argument for it to voters. Meanwhile, the opponents of the measure have spent almost $100,000 (most

No Subsidies For The Movie Industry In North Dakota

A group of filmmakers have announced a new project in North Dakota: A film about Teddy Roosevelt based on the book “Young Four Eyes.” But their ambitions go beyond the film, apparently. They don’t just want to make a movie. They want to start a movie industry in the state, and they say the first

Former Senator Dorgan Writes Sequel To Novel Which Cast Oil Speculators As Terrorists

Since retiring from the US Senate, Byron Dorgan has been writing fiction. Or, given that his previous non-fiction books were ghost written, paying someone to write it for him. His first fiction novel, Blowout, was a depressing assemblage of left-wing conspiracy theories about the energy industry, featuring evil hedge fund managers who try to derail

North Dakota Should Issue No Apologies For Lower Taxes

A bit of a kerfuffle has erupted between Minnesota and North Dakota over the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce running billboards touting the western state’s lighter touch when it comes to taxes and regulations. At least one Minnesota Official, a Moorhead city council member, reacted with anger and threatened support for flood diversion from his

North Dakota's Oil, Coal Counties Get Top Ratings For Air Quality

North Dakota is a fossil fuel state, with strong oil and coal industries. And from the way environmentalists talk about the state’s energy industry, you’d also think that they were destroying our environment. Not so, it seems. Despite the oil activity and natural gas flaring in oil country, and despite the seven large electrical plants