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Just Admit You Made a Mistake Governor Burgum

Just Admit You Made a Mistake Governor Burgum

“This is only an issue with a couple hundred people on social media.” That’s what Governor Doug Burgum reportedly told the Bismarck Tribune’s editorial board when the issue of the last-minute gutting of the powers of the Auditor’s Office came up. The exchange was mentioned in a column by Tribune publisher Gary Adkisson, who promises

The Bismarck Tribune Was Right to Publish the Name of Officer Who Invoked Marsy’s Law

Last week I posted about an incident from Bismarck where an officer involved in shooting a member of the public who was allegedly attacking him invoked Marsy’s Law to hide his identity from the public. Marsy’s Law is the supposed “victims rights” amendment to the state constitution passed by voters last year. Among the bad

In Defense of the Smoky Back Room

The Bismarck Tribune today, in an editorial, blisters Governor Doug Burgum for holding a closed-door meeting with oil and gas industry leaders to talk about pipeline safety. “When Gov. Doug Burgum took office we knew he would take a different approach to government,” the Tribune writes. “Unfortunately, that includes excluding the public from discussions that directly impact

Is the Legislature Pulling Funding From the Double Ditch Indian Village or Not?

Yesterday I wrote about a Bismarck Tribune article which suggested that the state House had voted to remove funding for $1.25 million worth of repairs to the Double Ditch Indian Village. As I noted in that post, this village is a rich area for historical research into an indigenous peoples, the Mandan, we really don’t

The Initiated Measure Process Has Not Served North Dakota Well

Today the Bismarck Tribune editorializes against a push by lawmakers a bill creating a commission tasked with reviewing our state’s initiated measure process (it passed in the state Senate this week), “The initiated measure process has served North Dakota well and the Legislature should tread lightly when considering changing it,” the paper writes. Only, that’s not

Republicans Say Anti-Dakota Access Pipeline Ad in Newspapers Wasn’t From Them

Recently a full-page newspaper ad which ran in the Fargo Forum and the Bismarck Tribune on Sunday caused quite a stir. Not so much for the content, which is blatantly anti-law enforcement and anti-pipeline, but because of the group identified as paying for the ad. According to a disclaimer at the bottom of the ad,

Bismarck Tribune: NDSU President Dean Bresciani Should Resign

I have been calling for NDSU President Dean Bresciani to go for years, but in recent weeks the list of people and organizations doing the same has grown. Former state lawmaker and retired newspaper publisher John Andrist suggested that Bresicani move on in a post here on SAB not so long ago. Former Grand Forks

North Dakota Democrats Ripped In Newspaper Editorials For Being Irrelevant

The North Dakota Democrats are “embarrassing” says the Grand Forks Herald in an editorial today. “[T]hey seem to have written off this year’s elections already,” writes Tom Dennis: It will surprise no one when we say that the Democratic Party in North Dakota is weak. That’s exactly why the party now needs a look in

Bismarck Tribune Publisher Brian Kroshus Expected To Seek NDGOP Nomination For State Auditor

Yesterday we got news that Bob Peterson – a Republican and North Dakota’s Auditor since 1996 – will not be seeking a sixth term in office in 2016. This morning I can report that Brian Kroshus, currently the publisher of the Bismarck Tribune, is expected to seek the office. I’m told by sources close to Kroshus that