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Dakota Access Protester Chains Himself to Machinery at Pipeline Construction Site

Dakota Access Protester Chains Himself to Machinery at Pipeline Construction Site

News this morning is that one of the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters has trespassed on the construction site and chained himself to a piece of construction machinery. This from one of the protest Facebook pages: Previously protesters have trespassed and vandalized construction equipment, but this is the first time they’ve gone this far. According to

Law Enforcement Officers at Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Take Precautions After Social Media Threats

Law enforcement personnel working at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation are taking precautions not to advertise their identities after threats were made to specific officers both online and in person. Currently work on the pipeline has been halted by Energy Transfer Partners due to safety concerns related to the on-going

There Doesn’t Seem to Be Anyone Really in Control of the #NoDAPL Protest and That’s a Little Scary

The impression one gets from media reports of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, located on and near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, is that they have been organized by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and joined by other tribes and organizations from across the nation. Standing Rock tribal chairman David Archambault is written of as

Should Dakota Access Protesters Reimburse North Dakota Taxpayers for the Cost of Law Enforcement Presence?

Earlier this year bombastic presidential candidate Donald Trump visited North Dakota, addressing a conference in Bismarck put on by the North Dakota Petroleum Council. Trump, I don’t need to tell you, is a controversial figure, and with about 7,000 people in attendance at the conference and protests of the visit planned, local law enforcement put

Conspiracy Theories About State Response to Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Turn Out to Be Mostly False

As the state has struggled to respond to a very large, and often illegal, protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation there have been a number of unflattering rumors circulating about the state’s response. Some of the claims are: That the state has been using airplanes to inhibit cell phone

North Dakota Taxpayers Shouldn’t Have to Subsidize Dakota Access Protest

One of the narratives which has developed around the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline which is that the State of North Dakota has committed some sort of foul by removing state-owned water tanks, and a state-owned air conditioned trailer, from the site of the protests. The folks at Amnesty International,

Irony: Dakota Access Pipeline Is Permitted While Protest Against It Is Not

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe is being represented by an extremist, anti-oil group called Earthjustice in a lawsuit against the Dakota Access Pipeline. There is a federal court hearing in Washington D.C. this week about the lawsuit. I’m sure that the Earthjustice lawyers will blow a great deal of smoke over any indication that Energy

Citing Concerns Over Public Safety and Property Damage Governor Dalrymple Declares Emergency Over Dakota Access Protests

“The State of North Dakota remains committed to protecting citizens’ rights to lawfully assemble and protest,” Governor Jack Dalrymple said in a statement his afternoon, “but the unfortunate fact remains that unlawful acts associated with the protest near Cannon Ball have led to serious public safety concerns and property damage.” The statement was announcing an

Ron Ness: Protests Against Dakota Access Pipeline Are Impeding Progress and Safety

Oil and gas development has led to a revitalization of rural North Dakota, bringing new businesses to the region, more jobs and employees, and more families. Although the economic benefits continue to be appreciated, this rapid growth also led to a strain on our state’s aging infrastructure as more cars and semis congested highways and