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John Andrist: Joy Comes From Giving

John Andrist: Joy Comes From Giving

Is there real, genuine joy in your life? I’m not talking about moments of happiness or bliss. I’m thinking more about the state of being joyful. While attending a TED-X event in Fargo last week I visited briefly with a Colorado man, who was one of the chosen speakers. His card identifies him as an

Associated Press Has To Remind Us That There Is A U.S. House Race In North Dakota

To be honest with you, this election cycle has been a fairly dull one in North Dakota so far, especially coming as it does after last year’s pitched battle in the Senate race between now-Senator Heidi Heitkamp and former Congressman Rick Berg. There’s no Senate race in the state this year, and the House race

Wow: North Dakota's Oil Patch Traffic Fatality Rate Hasn't Increased From A Decade Ago

I went on a mission to track down data for traffic and fatality rates in North Dakota – particularly in the oil patch – and what I ended up finding shocked me. As it turns out, the traffic fatality rates in western North Dakota really haven’t increased at all over the last decade. Let me

The Cost Of Student Loans Must Go Up

Last month House Republicans passed legislation which would tie interest rates on student loans to US Treasury notes, with a cap at 8.5%. This would have the effect of introducing at least some element of market forces to the student loan market. Democrats in the Senate have a plan, not yet voted on, which would

Obama Administration Using Secret Email Accounts To Avoid Public Record Requests

Yesterday we learned that former EPA administrator Lisa Jackson was using a fake email address named after her dog to avoid public records requests. Today comes news from the Associated Press that using phony email accounts is a common practice in the Obama administration. Some of President Barack Obama’s political appointees, including the secretary for

North Dakotans Got An Early Preview Of Obama's Politics By Any Means Necessar

Each day it seems we’re treated – if that’s the right word for it – to a new and depressing headline about mistreatment of conservative groups and individuals by the IRS. We’ve not yet plumbed the depths of the scandal, but already it seems to be one of the most shocking and fundamentally offensive domestic

Two North Dakotans Named Best State-Based Political Reporters By The Washington Post

The Washington Post has selected the best state-based political reporters in the country, and two names got picked from North Dakota. The first is long-time Associated Press reporter Dale Wetzel who last year joined a new media venture at the Great Plains Examiner in addition to hosting a radio show. The other is, uh, me.

Can A Church Be Forced To Conduct A Marriage Ceremony?

In Bismarck the family of a disabled couple – the man in the wheel chair, his would-be wife with mental disabilities – are upset with a church because the pastor there wouldn’t marry the couple, arguing that they aren’t ready. The couple is now getting married at another church, and the sister of the wife-to-be

Obama's Justice Department Spied On Fox News Reporter In 2010

In 2009 the Obama administration was at war with Fox News, up to and including trying to exclude the top-of-the-ratings cable network from pool reports, something that only ended with other members of the White House press corps objected. But now it comes to light that in 2010, while investigating leaks at the State Department,