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Governor Jack Dalrymple Has Signed 46% Of Introduced Bills So Far

Governor Jack Dalrymple Has Signed 46% Of Introduced Bills So Far

When the legislature convenes today, it will be the 76th day of the legislative session. That leaves just four more days before the legislature hits the constitutionally-mandated, 80-day limit. The House considered 467 bills in the first half of the session, and passed 326 of them for a 74.1% rate. The Senate considered 375 bills

Democrat Critical Of Obamacare Not Seeking Re-Election

Breaking news this morning is that long-time Montana Democrat Senator Max Baucus won’t be running for re-election. BREAKING: Baucus not seeking re-election. Reported on Fox News #MTPol #mtsen — Aaron Flint (@aaronflint) April 23, 2013 That’s interesting because it was just last week that Baucus was warning of an Obamacare “train wreck.” A senior Democratic

Media MIA From Gruesome Abortion Trial

“If it bleeds it leads” is the mantra for the media who normally love morbid crime stories. Unless that story is inconvenient for certain sacred liberal cows, in which case not so much. Here’s a picture of the empty seating air reserved for media at the Kermit Gosnell trial: From the blogger who took the

Dorso Column: There's Still A Lot On The Plate For Legislators

There is still a lot of legislation to be debated in Bismarck. I doubt the abortion debate will moderate much over the next few months. I applaud the two men who have banded together, although of opposing views, to put the issues in front of the citizens of North Dakota. Once they have the Secy.

"Unexpected Savings" Suddenly Allow Sequestered North Dakota Tourist Spot to Open After All

If there is any evidence that the Obama administration is gaming the “sequester” spending reductions to make them as painful and visible as possible, let it be the fact that a popular North Dakota tourist spot can now suddenly stay open because suddenly someone found some money or something after Senator John Hoeven got involved.

Poll: People Like Obama, But Not So Much His Policies

“People (still) really like President Obama,” reports the The Washington Post today pointing to a new WaPo/ABC News poll showing just that. “Fifty-seven percent of people view Obama favorably in the new Post-ABC survey while 41 percent regard him unfavorably,” reports the Post. “Those numbers are remarkably similar to the 60 percent favorable/37 percent unfavorable

President Gets His March Madness Bracket In On Time, But Budget Will Be Two Month Late

Priorities: President Barack Obama is picking Florida, Indiana, Louisville, Ohio State to reach the Final Four. President Obama filled out an NCAA tournament bracket for ESPN for the fifth straight year. On the women’s side, he selected Baylor, California, UConn and Notre Dame to advance to New Orleans. ESPN will reveal his full men’s and

America Has Tobacco Prohibition Through Regulation

Most Americans don’t like tobacco use. That’s why state after state, city after city, has passed increasingly aggressive bans on tobacco use. The proponents of this sort of policy bristle when they’re called prohibitionists, but they really are. Their goal isn’t public health. Their goal is to limit the choices you and I can make.

New York Court Strikes Down Large Sugary Drinks Ban As "Arbitrary And Capricious"

A victory for freedom: A judge on Monday invalidated New York City’s plan to ban large sugary drinks from restaurants and other eateries, one day before the new law was to take effect. State Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling in Manhattan ruled the new regulations are “fraught with arbitrary and capricious consequences. The simple reading