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Ladd Erickson: The Criminal Informant Bill, Known as “Andrew’s Law,” Was Deeply Flawed

Ladd Erickson: The Criminal Informant Bill, Known as “Andrew’s Law,” Was Deeply Flawed

When the Senate Judiciary Committee took up HB1221 it had eight pages of definitions and prescriptions regarding the police use of confidential informants (CI’s). An important caveat about that committee is its chairman is Senator Kelly Armstrong, who is a working criminal defense attorney. In this instance, Sen. Armstrong stated at the hearing that he

Video: Senate Approves “Hog House” Changes to Legislation Inspired by Andrew Sadek

I wrote earlier today about a Senate committee making big changes to HB1221, which people are calling “Andrew’s Law,” and this afternoon those amendments were approved on the House floor and the overall bill was passed. The legislation was inspired by Andrew Sadek, and aimed to provide some protections in law for criminal informants. Sadek’s

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Senate Committee Guts “Andrews Law” Legislation Aimed at Protecting Criminal Informants

Andrew Sadek was a college student at the North Dakota State College of Sciences in Wahpeton. After getting busted for selling pot he was turned into a criminal informant by law enforcement officers who, by way of convincing him to cooperate with them, grossly exaggerated the consequences of his crime. Sadek went missing and was

North Dakota Campus Police Chief: Investigating Student Death "Not A High Priority Item"

I’ve often accused the North Dakota universities of not putting students at the top of their list of priorities, but this is ridiculous: The autopsy of Andrew Sadek was supposed to be finished by now but officials say it’s pushed back until at least next week. Sadek’s body was found in the Red River near Wahpeton