North Dakota Campus Police Chief: Investigating Student Death "Not A High Priority Item"


I’ve often accused the North Dakota universities of not putting students at the top of their list of priorities, but this is ridiculous:

The autopsy of Andrew Sadek was supposed to be finished by now but officials say it’s pushed back until at least next week.¬†Sadek’s body was found in the Red River near Wahpeton on June 29th. He was missing for more than two months.

In a blunt and candid interview with Valley News Live today, the North Dakota State College of Science police sergeant Steve Helgeson surprisingly said, “this is not a high priority item,” referencing the investigation. Keep in mind, the college police agency is supposed to be the lead agency in charge of the¬†investigation. The autopsy was supposed to take five weeks at the most.

Five weeks, and it’s been 41 days since the body was found.

But whatever may be causing the holdup of the autopsy, can you imagine being this kid’s family and hearing the law enforcement agent in charge of the investigation into his death saying that investigation isn’t a high priority?

What else could the campus police possibly have going on that trumps a death investigation?