Surprise: UND Apparently Still Profiting From "Racist" Sioux Logo/Nickname


The University of North Dakota is holding public forums about the selection of a new nickname to replace the eternally controversial “Fighting Sioux” logo and nickname. They’re even holding forums in places far out of state like Minneapolis and Denver.

Makes you wonder how many tens of thousands of dollars this is all costing the taxpayers.

In his most recent evaluation of UND President Robert Kelly, sycophant Chancellor Larry Skogen had high praise for the efforts to get rid of the logo which has caused “resentment.”



What’s ironic is that even as higher ed administrators sanctimoniously denounce the Sioux logo/nickname, and work to expunge it from the public’s memory, the university is apparently still profiting from merchandising. This ad was in the most recent issue of the UND Alumni magazine (cover here). Inside is an ad for the Sioux Shop, complete with models wearing Fighting Sioux merchandise.



The University of North Dakota isn’t licensing any new Sioux merchandise, so this is no doubt surplus merchandise still being sold off.

Yet, I’m sure the revenues from these sales are still finding their way into the pockets of the University of North Dakota. And this advertising is still being displayed in UND-affiliated publications. And all this is happening even as higher ed bureaucrats posture themselves as oh-so-sensitive to those against the Fighting Sioux logo/nickname.

And yes, the Ralph Engelstad Arena is a technically a private entity, and they do have a pass to keep using the logo/nickname at the facility, but c’mon. If the logo/nickname were as horribly racist as some make it out to be, if the posturing of university leaders were anything more than politically correct bluster, do you really think they’d be tolerating this?

Though not a fan of college sports myself, I’ve always hated the push to get rid of the Sioux logo and nickname, but I’d hate it a little less if those pushing it the hardest had the courage of their convictions.