Support for boosting California school taxes drops


By Wayne Lusvardi | Cal Watchdog

Proposition 13 still garners broad support across California 36 years after the tax-limitation measure was passed.

According to the latest opinion poll conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California, support for loosening Prop. 13′s two-thirds vote requirement for approving local parcel taxes for schools has dropped from 46 percent in April 2011 to 39 percent in April 2014.

Democrats have lost their supermajority in the state Senate this year when three senators were suspended from office due to scandals. Thus, the Legislature is unlikely to be able to surmount Republican opposition to any modification of Prop. 13.

The two-thirds requirement for passing school construction bonds already was dropped to 55 percent when voters passed Prop. 39 in 2000. The PPIC question was about doing the same thing for school parcel taxes.

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