I’ve been hosting a radio show on WDAY AM970 for several weeks now, but many of you readers are outside of the broadcast territory for the station or unable to listen from 1-2pm when the show is live. You’ve been asking for a podcast.

While I’ve been pretty consistently bringing the audio from interviews here to the blog in posts, I haven’t been making podcasts for the whole show available. That changes today.

By clicking here you can get all the information you need to subscribe to the Rob (Re)Port podcast through any of the major services.

Do you use iTunes to get your podcasts? Here’s your link.

Are you a Google devotee? Click here.

My personal favorite is Pocketcasts, and if you’re using that service click here.

And here’s a direct link to the podcast RSS feed which you should be able to plug into any podcasting app or service out there.

I usually get the audio up about an hour or so after the show airs live.

And if you’d like to listen live, there is a mobile solution for that as well. You can download the WDAY streaming app for Android here, and for Apple here.

Have fun, and feel free to email me at rob@sayanythingblog.com if you have any problems.