We Are All A Little Safer Now That Fargo School Officials Have Censored The Scary Gun


A stupid end to a stupid controversy.

A student at Fargo North High School will be allowed to have his senior picture in the yearbook after all. Josh Renville’s epic photo posing with his customized AR-15 had been prohibited because it would have violated the school’s “safe zone.” But with

“It’s really trying to emphasize the idea that the school is a safe zone,” Principal Andy Dahlen told ABC News about why the photo was banned.

Well the safe zone has been restored now that Renville has censored the gun in his photo with a massive bald eagle.

“Fargo North Principal Andy Dahlen confirmed that senior Renville submitted a new yearbook photo, and it was accepted by the school district,” WDAY television has reported.

So the school officials got their way, I guess. The image of a gun has been censored.

Never mind that the school has images of guns painted into a prominent mural in its interior. Forget that every single kid in the school saw the photo of Josh Renville and his gun because of the fit school officials threw over it.

Forget that most of those kids will probably go home and play video games where they slaughter zombies or Nazis or zombie Nazis with guns.

They’re safe now from Josh Renville’s gun. And we, meanwhile, perhaps have a lower opinion of the intelligence and competence of Fargo public school officials.

UPDATE: Per Josh’s dad, posting on my Facebook page, there was a second image the school rejected which was even better than the one with the eagle: