Starting Next Week: The Rob (Re)Port on WDAY AM970


The latest Nielsen radio ratings, released Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2016, show KFGO and The Fox are tied for the top station in Fargo-Moorhead. / Special to The Forum

I’m delighted to announce that starting next week I’ll be hosting an hour of radio every afternoon on WDAY AM970 in Fargo.

We’re calling the show the Rob (Re)Port, a pun you can blame WDAY program director Mike Kapel for.

All joking aside, I’m very thankful to Mike and the folks at WDAY for the opportunity.

It will air Monday through Friday from 1-2pm, right in front of the Jay Thomas Show and just after Sandy Buttweiler’s program.

I’ve been doing talk radio off and on as a fill-in host and guest for a long time and I’ve always enjoyed it. I like doing live interviews and interacting with callers. I think it’s a natural extension of what I do here on the blog.

I’m excited to bring some of the material from here on the blog to the airwaves, and some of the interviews and other content created on the airwaves back here to the blog.

Plus, the team at WDAY is wonderful to work with. Particularly Jay Thomas who, as I’m sure you know, has been kind enough to make me a regular part of his show both as a guest and guest host.

Anyway, this all kicks off on Monday, so be sure to tune in.

Here’s a press release from the folks at WDAY about all this if you care to read it:

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