This Is the Sort of Thing That Will Make Heidi Heitkamp’s Tax Vote Hurt


Senator Heidi Heitkamp is still trying to defend her vote against tax reform by claiming it doesn’t help middle class Americans.

The problem is, even as she’s making those claims, this is the reality many North Dakotans are finding in their paychecks:

Kristin Roers works as a nurse in the Fargo area. She’s also a Republican candidate for the state House (my interview with her here). But her experience with her paycheck is going to be familiar to a lot of voters in coming weeks.

They’re going to open their paychecks, and those paychecks are going to be larger.

In Roers situation, an extra $89 every two weeks works out to $2,314 per year. Someone getting that sort of a boost in their paycheck is going to recoil when Democrats try to claim the tax reform didn’t help.

Not everyone is going to get another $89 per pay period. Some will get less. Others may get more. Your results may vary.

But most are going to get something, while Democrats are telling them they’ll get nothing, and that’s a disconnect that’s going to hurt the Democrats (including Senator Heitkamp) politically.