Starting early this morning, most of you were getting a message from SAB’s domain registrar saying that the domain had expired. That would be my fault.

You see, my registrar sends me a lot of spam. And I had kind of taken to filtering it out, because I get a lot of email in general. Unfortunately, my filtering also managed to catch several urgent emails warning me that it was time to renew my domain.

I found them all early this morning, in my spam folder, as many of you readers emailed to say that SAB was down (and, in some cases, give me your thoughts on which political interest conspired to take SAB down).

It was no conspiracy. Simply a dumb blogger not being as diligent as he should have been in ensuring the domain registration was kept up to date.

The domain just resolved again for me, finally giving me access so I could let you all know what happened. Sorry about that!

But thanks to all of you who emailed to say something was wrong.

Now, back to our regularly-scheduled blogging and name-calling.