Soros-backed enviro army fights green project


By Dustin Hurst |

For some environmental extremists, better just isn’t good enough.

Such is the case in Vermont, where from the George Soros-backed Rising Tide Vermont group took the streets to rally against a natural gas pipeline that’s Bruce Parker says would “cut Vermonters’ heating costs by 50 percent while shrinking their carbon footprint by 25 percent.”

The pipeline will bring cleaner energy — natural gas — to more than 16,000 customers, Vermont Gas said. The company also says the pipeline project will reduce energy costs by millions of dollars.

Read Bruce Parker’s full rundown of the protest here.

Yet, steep reductions in the state’s overall carbon footprint just doesn’t mollify Rising Tide Vermont members.

Keep in mind that Rising Tide North America, the parent group for the Vermont offshoot, takes money from extreme left-wing groups, including George Soros’ Tides Foundation. Tides gave Rising Tide $1,500 last year.

Parker captured some photos from Tuesday’s protest. Take a look:

1. Fight the power?

INTIMIDATION NATION: Protesters want to scare the public away from natural gas.

2. Soiled logic

POISONED MINDS: Rising Tide Vermont claims that an expansion of Vermont Gas’s natural gas distribution pipeline will poison the soil.

3. Scary masks

Vermont Watchdog photo by Bruce Parker

BREATHE: Environmentalists in Vermont protest to stop a project that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2 million tons over 20 years.

4. More scary stuff!

Vermont Watchdog photo by Bruce Parker

HAZARDOUS DEBATE: Protesters in mock hazmat outfits oppose a natural gas project that could slash home heating costs in half.

5. Bearded men stand strong!

Vermont Watchdog photo by Bruce Parker

BOLD BEARDS: These men and their beards are definitely standing strong against the project.

Mr. Soros would be so proud.