Some servers, restaurants glad to be left out of MD minimum wage bill


By Jeremy Bauer-Wolf | Maryland Reporter

Nassrine Moasser, 22, took a full-time job waiting tables at Columbia’s Stanford Grill after her graduation from Towson University a year ago.

She said she’s familiar with the recent move by lawmakers to boost Maryland’s minimum wage to $10.10, but was glad that the Legislature pegged the base pay for tipped workers at $3.63.

If her restaurant was forced to supply her a higher hourly rate, Moasser said, the menu prices would likely spike because the ownership would need to pay for increased labor costs.

That means customers keeping a tighter eye on their purse strings, and scanter tips for her, Moasser said.

“People already sometimes don’t tip,” she said. “If we were paid an hour wage, customers just wouldn’t be able to go out to eat.”

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