Site Announcement: Welcoming A View From The Left To SAB


I’ve long wanted Say Anything to be an open political forum. That’s why we have an open commenting section, so that the blog doesn’t become an echo chamber.

But I also like the idea of SAB having some different viewpoints on the front page, which is why I’ve invited GameND to contribute regular “from the left” posts.

GameND is someone who has been involved in Dem-NPL politics in North Dakota for some time, which means he’ll have interesting perspectives on both local and national political issues. He’ll be anonymous, I’m assuming, because he doesn’t want to have his fellow liberals looking askance at him for contributing to the state’s most widely read political blog.

All kidding aside, anonymous contributors have always been welcome here at SAB. To me it’s the words and ideas that matter, not the person.

I’m sure this won’t be a popular choice with many of you, but a robust debate doesn’t just come from one side of the ideological spectrum.