Site Announcement: Commenting On SAB Will Now Require Registration


I’ve always been proud that SAB is the sort of place where you can, well, say anything. I think open political forums, even with all the pie-throwing that goes on, are important.

Even when most of that pie-throwing is aimed at me.

But just from a logistical standpoint, we need to fix something that’s wrong with commenting. I’m not banning anyone – those of you who email me incessantly about the urgent need to ban some other commenter who you fight with endlessly, it’s not gonna happen – but I am going to start requiring registration before you can comment.

This is because many of you commenters like to invent new names for yourself seemingly with every comment, and far too many of you choose the name “guest.” There is also some mimicry of other commenters, which is irritating, and it all leads to rather hard-to-follow discussion at times.

So from now on, if you want to comment, you gotta register. And you have to register with a verified email address, or else all of your comments will have to be approved through moderation first.

It’s easy enough to do. The links are below in the commenting section. You can use accounts like Twitter or Facebook to log in, or if you want to stay anonymous you can register a screen name with Disqus though it will require a valid email.

In related news, the Disqus system has been a little buggy lately. If you’ve noticed, often the sidebar is showing comments from hours ago instead of the latest. There’s also been instances where one comment will show up under another commenter’s account. These issues are being worked on. Please be patient.

If you have any problems, please send me an email at