By F. Vincent Vernuccio | Michigan Capitol Confidential

Brave elected officials and grassroots activists are fighting to make Missouri the 25th state in the country to give workers the freedom to choose whether they want to pay dues or fees to a union.

For the first time in more than 35 years lawmakers in the Show-Me state are seriously considering right-to-work.

In early April, right-to-work legislation won majority approval 78-68 in the Missouri House but failed to receive the 82 “yes” votes necessary to send the bill to the Senate. A simple majority of those present is needed for early approval of a bill, but to send legislation to the Senate, a full majority of the entire chamber is necessary.

Eleven house Republicans were not present and some even admitted to “taking a walk” or intentionally missing the vote.

With the part-time Missouri Legislature in recess now, any potential right-to-work legislation will need to wait until they reconvene in January 2015.

Still there is reason for optimism.

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