Shooter Makes Victims Out Of People In Another "Gun Free Zone"


According to breaking news out of California, another school shooting has happened. As of the time of this writing, at least two people are reported as having been shot. More details here.

The nasty national debate we’ve been having over gun control is about to get more emotional, and even nastier, I’m afraid.

Two things to keep in mind as this latest story unfolds:

First, those shot are more victims of gun free zones which time and again are the targets of these shooters. Since 1950, all mass murders of three or more, except the shooting including former Rep. Gabrielle Gifford, occurred in a “gun free zone.” When are we going to admit that these “gun free zones” may as well have targets painted on them for shooters?

Second, California is ranked as #1 in the nation by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence as having some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation. “California continues to blaze legislative trails in saving lives, rising to a high of 81 points on the 2011 Brady State Scorecard rankings of state gun laws,” reports the group on its website. “California’s universal background check system, retention of purchase records, limiting handgun purchases to one a month, and an assault clip ban are just some of the laws that provide a road map to preventing gun violence.”

Connecticut, where the Sandy Hook shooting happened, is ranked #4 in the nation in terms of gun control laws.

Maybe it’s time to admit that gun control doesn’t do much to prevent gun violence.