Shocker: Partisan North Dakota US Attorney Follows Obama Narrative On Sequester


North Dakota US Attorney Tim Purdon is a political operative appointed to a position that is supposed to be non-political. Purdon was appointed as North Dakota’s top federal cop straight from the Democrat National Committee by President Obama. One of his first actions as US Attorney for North Dakota was an attempt at a thoroughly political prosecution of several oil companies over a couple of dozen dead ducks found dead near their properties after a months-long investigation.

Those companies faced criminal charges even as wind power companies get a pass for killing endangered birds in other parts of the country.

So, given Purdon’s thoroughly political nature, it shouldn’t surprise us that he’s touting the Obama administration line when it comes to sequester spending reductions, claiming that they’re hurting the federal government’s ability to fight Indian reservation crime:

BISMARCK — U.S. Attorney Tim Purdon says federal prosecutors have put a dent into crime on American Indian reservations in the last few years, but worries that budget mandates will slow the progress.

A Department of Justice report issued Thursday shows that the number Indian Country cases charged in federal court has increased by 54 percent between fiscal years 2009 and 2012, from 1,091 to 1,677 cases.

Purdon says the ability of prosecutors to keep building on that work is “being thwarted” by the sequester cuts.

Sequester politics have become almost laughable – President Obama claims there isn’t enough money in the budget for White House tours, but there seems to be plenty to provide security at his lavish White House parties – even more so when you consider that even with the sequester “cuts” the federal budget is still growing as this graphic from Dan Mitchell shows:


As we’ve seen with the IRS scandal, among others, the Obama administration is more than willing to politicize supposedly non-political branches of our federal government in order to advance their political agenda.

Purdon, it seems, is a willing foot soldier in that endeavor further undermining the public’s trust.