It has to be embarrassing to be caught for fraud and then have the entire story broadcast to the public through the media. (Some criminals may get a kick out of the negative press, but others might be a bit shamed by their actions.) An article posted on the Web site for the CBS affiliate on Long Island describes the publicly broadcast resignation of a regretful assemblywoman, who faked her marriage to gain U.S. citizenship.

The article states that the former New York State Assemblywoman admitted that she lied about her sham marriage in 1996, which cost her $8,000. The Santo Domingo-born woman also underreported her husband’s wealth in a bankruptcy filing in 2009. (It seems that with many fraudsters, once they get away with one crime, it’s easier to commit the next one.)

The 47-year-old pleaded guilty to lying about her marriage in addition to underreporting her husband’s income. In her public statement she took responsibility for her illegal actions, but inferred that if she had not been an elected official, she may not have been caught. As part of her plea deal, she could get up to 18 months in prison at her sentencing.

It’s rough being a public servant. They are expected to be held to a higher standard and serve as an example to their constituents. (Perhaps she should have thought of this before running for public office.) It’s safe to say that her political career is over for the near future and the embarrassment from her shameful actions will hopefully influence more positive behavior in the future.

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