Senator Rand Paul Gets Perfunctory Letter From Obama Administration: "The Answer To Your Question Is No"


Via Fox News, Attorney General Eric Holder has responded to Senator Rand Paul with a perfunctory letter advising him that the answer to his question about drone strikes on US citizens here in the United states is “no.”

I’m sure the spin from the Obama administrations and its apologists will be that Senator Paul was just grandstanding over a silly question with a simple answer. But remember, the filibuster wasn’t when Senator Paul started asking the question. He’s been asking it for months now, and didn’t get an answer until after a 12+ hour filibuster.

Nor does this settle the matter. If the answer were this simple, why did the Obama administration resist answering for so long?

Meanwhile, Senator Lindsey Graham took to the Senate floor today to call Senator Paul “paranoid.”

I don’t think it’s paranoid to demand an answer to a question about whether or not the government can assassinate US citizens on US soil without due process.

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