Senator Heitkamp Still Taking Big Contributions From Wells Fargo Even as She Demands Jail Time


“I think somebody should go to jail,” Senator Heidi Heitkamp said during an interview with CNBC yesterday.

She was referring to the Wells Fargo scandal (she also demanded jail time over the Equifax breach; she’s up for re-election so there’s demagoguery going on) which saw the banking giant’s employees enrolling millions of their customers in financial programs without their knowledge:

It’s a bad situation, to be sure, and Senator Heitkamp may well be right that someone should go to jail. What’s interesting, however, is that even as the Senator trashes the company in the media she’s continued to accept large campaign contributions from Wells Fargo’s political action committee.

What you’re looking at are $14,000 in political contributions from Wells Fargo’s PAC, including $2,500 in contributions since this scandal broke.

By the way, Heitkamp also took $1,000 from the Equifax PAC back in March of this year. She also wants people fired there, though the Equifax scandal happened well after that donation.

Heitkamp’s histrionics and outrage about the corporate culture at Wells Fargo and Equifax ring hollow when you consider that she’s still taking their money in pursuit of her quest to get re-elected.