Senate balks at religious-freedom bill changes


By Jimmie E. Gates | Clarion Ledger

A religious-freedom bill that brought debate over discrimination of gay people and others as well as national scrutiny is headed to negotiation after the Senate refused Thursday to agree with the House changing the bill to a study committee.

A key state senator said Thursday there should either be a resolution of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Senate Bill 2681, or it should be allowed to die.

“I’m not a particular fan of studies,” said Senate Universities and Colleges Chairman John Polk, R-Hattiesburg, who presented the bill on the Senate floor. “We need to either reach a resolution on it or let it die. A study is not on my agenda.”

House Judiciary A Chairman Andy Gipson, R-Braxton, has said he would rather see the bill go to conference than to see it die.

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