Sen. Hagan blasts ‘out-of-state billionaires’ for NC election funding


BILLIONAIRES FUND KAY: Sen. Kay Hagan called out “out-of-state billionaires” as trying to buy the election, but she has benefited from $37 million in outside spending.

By Ann Kane |

Last weekend, while campaigning at the Charlotte Convention Center with Hillary Clinton, Sen. Kay Hagan said, “The eyes of the country are on North Carolina…to see if our grassroots efforts can still triumph (over) out-of-state billionaires and their money. They are trying to buy this election.”

She said this even as North Carolina’s senatorial race is unprecedented as having the highest spending by outside groups with $37.6 million for the Democratic Hagan and $29.9 for the Republican Tillis.

According to election watchers, Hagan’s attempt to paint herself as having the backing of grassroots supporters and being “not too far left, not too far right” doesn’t equate with the reality of the latest liberal political ads from outside groups supporting her campaign.

Jim Geraghty of National Review Online quotes a political consultant: “…Hagan had been trying to insist she’s a conservative. And now all these liberal groups are coming in (trying to re-elect Hagan). They don’t realize that it’s a dog whistle to independent voters.”

Groups on the left like Planned Parenthood, Senate Majority PAC, Women Vote! and League of Conservation Voters have supported Hagan with millions of dollars.

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