Makes List Of Top 100 American Conservative Websites


According to this listing of American conservative websites, based on Alexa rankings, Say Anything is in the top 100.

As of January 1st, SAB is ranked #86, up a few places from #89 in October of 2012.

These lists pop up now and then, but I haven’t linked to one in a while. In the past SAB has ranked in the 50’s on these lists, and even in the 30’s, but there is a lot more competition in the blogging world these days. That, and in more recent years I feel like I’ve really shifted focus to become a much more North Dakota-centric blog. That’s been great for drawing in readers from North Dakota, but obviously that diminishes interest from readers outside the state.

Regardless, it’s very gratifying to see this website ranked up there with so many other great websites.

In related shameless self promotion news, I can announce that two more newspapers will be running my weekly column. In addition to the Barnes County Independent and Ashley Tribune, the Bowman County Pioneer in the western part of the state, and the Great Plains Examiner in Bismarck will also be running my columns.

Be sure to watch for it! And if you’d like to see my columns in your local newspaper, or if you’re a publisher who is interested in my columns, email me at