SAB Readers Help Raise Nearly $30k For Family Of Slain Fargo Officer Jason Moszer


I hate to say there is anything like a silver lining to the loss of a husband, father, and one of Fargo’s finest, but something pretty amazing happened yesterday.

When a friend of Officer Jason Moszer’s family started an online fundraising effort I put up a post linking to it. That post went viral, getting shared on Facebook over 1,400 times, and today I can report that you SAB readers (among others) have so far helped raise nearly $30,000.

That’s 580 percent of the original $5,000 goal.

That wasn’t all from SAB readers. Others shared that link too. But at one point the donation link getting over 100 clicks per minute from SAB. That’s a big deal.

Thanks to all of you who pitched in. And if you haven’t yet, or if you want to give more, click here and do so.

It’s worth it. As terrible as the loss of Officer Moszer is, for most of us the feeling will fade soon. The news cycle will move on, and other matters in our own lives will take precedence. For for Moszer’s family this pain is going to exist for a long time. For his children the loss will be a scar that lasts a lifetime.

We can’t fix it, but if we can create a financial legacy for the family maybe we can knock some of the sharp edges off of it.

Click here and help make it happen. You can type in any amount you wish. The minimum is $10. You can at least do that.

By the way, I spoke with Aaran Joneson (the guy who started the donation page) yesterday. As I said, he’s a friend of the family, and he’s already working with Crowdrise to a) potentially waive their normal fees for the donations (which I believe are about 3 percent, pretty reasonable) and b) transfer control over the account to Officer Moszer’s wife. Aaran has also been communicating with the Fargo Police Department. I know some of you had expressed concerns about this link, because we’ve all seen the scams, but this is legit. And I’m going to follow up to make sure the money goes where it is supposed to.

On a related note, my good friend Jay Thomas at WDAY had stickers honoring Moszer made up which you can pick up for a free will offering at the WDAY studios in Fargo:

These 3×3 window stickers are available at the 970 WDAY studios at 301 8th Street S in Fargo. They are a way for the…

Posted by Jay Thomas on Thursday, February 11, 2016