American Anti-Oil Activists Get Funding From Russian Oil Interests


“Leave it in the ground” is the new mantra of the environmental left when it comes to opposing oil and gas development.

Their goal is not balancing our economic interests in developing energy with responsible environmental stewardship. Their goal is to stop oil and gas production, period.

And whose interests would that serve? Why, America’s foreign energy competition, of course. So should we be surprised that foreign fossil fuel energy interests are funding the American anti-fossil fuel movement?

According to a new report from the Environmental Policy Alliance, groups like the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the League of Conservation Voters have all received millions in funding from the Sea Change Foundation based in San Francisco. That group, in turn, has received tens of millions in funding from a shell company based in Bermuda with links to Russian oil and gas interests.

The video above gives a brief summary of the connections, or you can read the report below.

Why would Russian oil and gas interests want to pour millions into the American environmental movement? It’s not because they harbor an ideological objection to oil and gas development, obviously. Rather, they want to hamstring American energy development in order to create a larger share for themselves in the global energy markets.

The less energy America produces, even with restrictions on oil exports in place, the more energy demand which can be filled by foreign oil interests.

I’m reminded of that undercover video from 2014 in which Hollywood types don’t exactly shy away from funding for anti-fracking movies to be provided by foreign oil interests.