Gary Paur: Rick Becker May Be Remarkable


Three candidates competing for the North Dakota Republican Party's endorsement for governor debate in Bismarck on Thursday, March, 3, 2016. Pictured from the left is state Rep, Rick Becker of Bismarck, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem and Fargo Entrepreneur Doug Byrgum. Bismarck tribune Photo/Will Kincaid

Looking back on the recent North Dakota Republican Convention it appears to be evident that the biggest winner at the event did not receive any endorsement.

Rick Becker went into the convention as a relative unknown who was often marginalized by the news media and he came out it as a solid, respected member of the Republican Party.

His presence, message, humor, and graciousness resonated with the delegates.

In the short time between when he stepped on the convention stage as a newcomer in the run for the governors endorsement until the end when he received the greatest number of votes as a national delegate (surpassing by a large margin Stenehjem and Dalrymple) the convention apparently decided they liked what they saw.

Such a speedy acceptance of Rick by the grassroots Republican Party is remarkable, but then so may be Rick Becker.