Resident: SC’s ‘Seneca Mafia’ strong-arms people into giving up property


By Allan Yarid | for The Nerve

In Seneca, S.C., the state and federal laws intended to protect property owners are constantly being violated. Two property owners were recently sentenced to jail by the city judge. One of them was an 89-year-old preacher. The other was me. The old preacher was sentenced to 10 days in jail. I was sentenced to 20 and 30 days in jail. Both of us were trying to make repairs to our property, but we didn’t accomplish the task quickly enough to satisfy city officials.

Let me explain a little bit of the background.

In order for contractors and codes inspectors to be licensed by the state, they must pass a test on the International Building Codes. Under the IBC, if a structure needs repairs, the property must be boarded up for safety reasons, and the codes inspector must not review the property for one year.

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